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Computer monitor accessing a search pageSearch Engine Optimisation

Clearly it is important that your website works in search engines.  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO is a complex business and can cost a small fortune to get you listed well in a range of search engines. The problem is further compounded by the fact that none of the search engines will tell you what their criteria for ranking a website.  Some educated guesses have been made but none are confirmed by any of the search engines.

A great deal of how well you list is driven by the structure and style of the website, another influence is alleged to be incoming links - the more websites about a similar topic that link to yours, the more important your site must be and therefore the higher it will be ranked.  There are many other aspects that need to be considered; html accuracy and validity, key word density, correct use of image tags, complexity of language, etc, etc, etc.  There is also some evidence to suggest that manually checked website directories such as the Open Directory Project are important to other search engines; your site will gain rank if it is listed on the manually checked directories.

Contrary to popular belief, meta tags containing keywords and descriptions are not used by most of the big search engines which assess your websites subject and importance by looking directly at the content.  That said, these meta tags do form part of the assessment process for many of the less sophisticated search engines and should therefore be included.

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What we do

We write all our websites with generic search engine ranking in mind.  We use a number of assessment tools and websites to get the best results that we can for your website.  We ensure that all images are correctly tagged, we ensure that there is nothing about your website that may penalise it such as hidden text, streams of repeated words or phrases, etc.

Long line of booksSearch Engine Submission

We offer a search engine submission service.  For 49.00 (plus vat) we will manually submit your website to the most respected manually checked directory and to other search engines that resist automated submission such as Google and Yahoo.  We will also automatically submit your site to some 800,000 other search engines, internet directories and "Free For All" (FFA) sites.  We also provide a "junk" email address for the several thousand replies and acknowledgments this generates rather than then ending up in your in box!

Site Check and Report

For a fee of 35.00 (plus vat) we will check your website and write a report letting you know how it is likely to perform in search engines along with recommendations about how you may be able to improve its performance in that respect.  We would of course be very happy to take on any optimisation work for you.

A Final Thought

Deep SEO is a specialist task which we would invariably contract out; you should be aware that this can be expensive.  Finally, if anyone says to you "We can get you a top 10 listing on Google" they are being deceptive.  They will either be using a paid for slot in Google with clever software that flips the subject and link depending on the search or they are simply lying.  No-one can guarantee you a top 10 listing unless they are using "weird" keywords for the search.

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